"Walking into Dr. Shana Sparks office is beyond pleasant. The atmosphere is welcoming, and comfortable.
Getting adjustments done by Dr. Sparks is wonderful. I know I got the best treatment, every time I leave her office. I really appreciate that she goes over the treatment plan, and makes sure you are well aware of what you will be doing when you visit her office each time.
She is very educated in Chiropractic work, you can definitely tell she loves her job, and she is there to make you better.
Never, when I am there do I feel rushed or a burden when I ask questions or when I am getting treated.
I did not feel like there was a "sales pitch," because this isn't someone going door to door selling Vacuums, this is medicine, this is treating people for a better life. The prices were very reasonable for what you get, which is, amazing chiropractic work.
I have been to other chiropractors, I have done other treatments, and the best care I have ever received was by Dr. Shana Sparks."
  ~Amy W.

"I don't go to chiropractors. I don't go to ANY doctors. But around Christmas, my office manager Lori got hit by a punk and flipped her car. She started going to Dr. Sparks for treatment and I've seen her go from barely able to move, to doing better day by day. I always make sure she can leave work in time to get to her appointment. I don't know what would have become of her without Dr. Sparks' help!" ~Pete S.

"I LOVE going to Dr. Sparks office. Her and her staff are professional, friendly and attentive. I've never had to wait for more than five minutes to be seen. I've had an area on my back that I've had problems with for years. She's the only Chiropractor I've been to that has relieved that for me. I highly recommend this office!" ~Angee S.

"I've always been hesitant about chiropractors but Dr. Sparks is always able to break down what is really going on with my body so I am able to understand. You can tell she wants what is best for me and she encourages me to do my part at home to increase my healing process and increase my prevention of any further injuries. Dr. Sparks makes going to the chiropractor a great experience!!"  ~Laura S.

"Dr Sparks is very professional, attentive, and her office staff is friendly. Never has a long wait to be seen and is always willing to get me in when I need it most, even on short notice. She listened to me and we made a plan specifically for ME! I would highly recommend Dr Sparks to anyone!!" ~Lauri G.

"Dr. Sparks demonstrates extensive knowledge and professionalism. It is obvious she truly cares about her chosen profession and her patients wellbeing." ~Tim M.

"Dr. Sparks is a very caring, compassionate professional. She listens and is very patient, which keeps me coming back! A very healing environment! I highly recommend her!!!" ~Karen K.

"Dr. Sparks has helped me with my fibromyalgia! She even for rid of my headaches! Thanks for everything!" ~Angeliene A.

"Top of the line. Professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff from the front door to treatment. Dr. Sparks is passionate about promoting healing and is dedicating to making it happen. Melissa compliments the treatment process with a smile and the same dedicated passion. Stephen greets you at the door as you are the most important person on the schedule for the day."  ~Bruce S.

"After three months of my mother going to another chiropractor in Knoxville and getting worse not better, we decided to try Dr. Sparks. We saw a definite improvement the first week. Now after only 8 treatments, Mom is greatly improved and I have to tell her to slow down. We are so thankful for Dr. Sparks. She also has a lovely personality which makes the treatments even better. BTW mom is 73 and Dr. Sparks is mindful of that." ~Stefanie H.